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Informative 3D systems

BIM Collaborative 

PROMETHEUS objective is to implement an interdisciplinary action for the documentation and structuring of information about architectural heritage, boosting the training of researchers on the constructive and historical value of Cultural Heritage Routes. The research will develop innovative methodologies of digitisation of architecture with the integration of multidisciplinary data and Information Models, leading to specialised figures able to operate on built heritage assets.

The definition of a “Charta”, for the replicability of action, will be pursued with a practical action on the monuments present in Upper Kama route (Russia) as a first pilot case of study.

The network of researchers from different sectors involved in the action favours/supports the cultural and thematic widening necessary to develop and show the skills that the market requires. The Italian expertise in digital survey of architectural heritage, the Spanish knowledge on building technology and census archives related to architecture, will allow researchers to deal with professional companies that operate in the intervention fields of restoration projects and BIM Management.

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Upper Kama
Gdańsk Fortress
Jaime I 

The research project will develop an Informative 3D system, multidisciplinary and implementable, that represents the preparatory step for to the management, maintenance and valorisation of Cultural Heritage Routes over European committees and administrations. The system, in order to be widely applicable, will be Low cost and easy to replicate, and it will optimize an innovative channel of cooperation between researcher and professionals though the use of BIM Collaborative Protocols. Participants will exchange skills and knowledge that will allow them to progress in new methods of documentation and conservation, to strengthen collaborative research and to widen their career perspectives in European Heritage Preservation.

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