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“Pavia Digital Week 2022” – Pavia, 19-23.09.2022

From September 19 to 23, 2022, there will be the first Pavia Digital Week, organized by the Architecture Section of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia. The event will be held at the Faculty of Engineering, the premises of Central University, university colleges and some cultural centers in the city. The initiative is aimed at promoting the issues of digital architecture through an extensive program of lectures, seminars, meetings and events aimed at the community as well. More than one hundred researchers, professors and students from European and international universities will participate in the initiatives to build a debate on Digital practices related to Digital Twins and Digital Humanities for Cultural Heritage. The event is also an opportunity to promote and discuss the new master’s degree course VREA – Virtual Reality Engineering and Game Design for Architecture and Cultural Heritage, which the University of Pavia is planning, coordinating a group of international universities. Bringing together knowledge in the fields of surveying, restoration, architectural history, building technologies, Cultural Heritage policies and spatial planning appears to be the necessary educational formula to ensure the training of smart-users who know how to interact and contribute to the sustainability of global heritage. In this sense, Pavia Digital Week intends to constitute itself as an annual event, promoting, through a showcase with an international scope, the initiatives conducted by the University of Pavia within the teachings of Architecture and Building Engineering. To register for the event, contact

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