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DAda Lab. at SHARPER Night in Pavia – 24.9.2021

DAda-Lab. participates in the SHARPER NIGHT – European Researchers’ Night 2021!

“Scienza in Castello” event saw the organization of scientific exhibition stands where researchers from Pavia showed their research, with a path between experiments and applications of different scientific disciplines. Within the program, the DAda laboratory participated in the event with the stand “3D Models and Virtual Reality for Architecture and Cultural Heritage”, presenting practical applications of 3D printing and serious games for educational interaction with digital systems. In particular, the participants were involved in the discovery of the widespread heritage of the Upper Kama Cultural Heritage Route, through the H2020-RISE-PROMETHEUS project. The public was provided with 3D prints and information sheets for each monumental site, connected to an application system of QR codes for the augmented use of the models with textures and navigable modes from the web.

The event was held in phisycal attendance on 24th September 2021, from 14.00 to 24.00, in the central courtyard of the Castello Visconteo in Pavia.

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